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Deadhead® Cask Aged Rum

Deadhead® Cask Aged Rum

Product Code for 6/750ml 61512e
Product Code for 48/50ml 61512m
80 proof
Certified Kosher

-Spirits International Prestige Awards-
Gold Medal Taste
Platinum Medal Bottle Design

-RATINGS- The Tasting Panel 95 POINTS

No tribe on earth knows the true meaning of nonconformity better than the Shuar. Living in the Amazon at the headwaters of the Marañón River, the Shuar are believed to be the only group to have never been conquered—and even after technology has connected the world beyond our wildest dreams— these people have held on to their traditions, including the custom of shruken heads (tsantsas).

Many believe that tsantsas were kept as trophies, taken for honor and spiritual renewal.
These artifacts are a part of our cultural heritage—a vivid reminder of the many varied practices that give color and interest to our world. Inspired by the history less studied, along with individuality and courage, Deadhead Rum captures the spirit of the Shuar in both aesthetics and spirit.

Deadhead Rum is born from a blend of pure sugarcane juice and rich molasses grown in the privately-owned plantations of Tapachula, Chiapas, and known to produce some of the most outstanding rums in the world. Fermented and double-distilled in small batches, the rum is then aged in French and American oak barrels for six years. Once aged, the art of blending Deadhead begins.

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