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Kammer Pear Brandy (Pear in Bottle) 80Pr

Kammer Pear Brandy (Pear in Bottle) 80Pr

Product code 46611E


40% Alc/vol

Kammer’s master Distillers perform their high art throughout the various steps of production.

From the fruit to the brandy, they exclusively use the finest fruit distillates. The brandy’s exquisite inimitable fruity bouquet comes from a long maturation in glazed jugs and storage in cool, deep vaulted cellars. 

These brandies have a full aroma due to the double distillation of fully ripened fruits. They are best served chilled, neat, with coffee, or as cocktail ingredients, and they are great for soaking fruit it to infuse them with flavor.

This Pear Brandy has a crystal clear appearance and an aroma dominated by fresh pear scents.

On the palate, it is soft and rounded, offering up a nice interplay between pear and herbal flavors.

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