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Sangre de Vida Corazón Tequila Blanco 80 Pr

Sangre de Vida Corazón Tequila Blanco 80 Pr

Product code 61532E


40% Alc/vol

For the purest at heart and those who want that true agave flavor, Sangre de Vida Blanco captivates with a bouquet of banana, citrus, green bell pepper and white flowers.

Sangre de Vida Blanco tequila begins with slowly roasting the agave piña hearts in stone-walled brick ovens. This centuries-old art of slow-cooking is then followed by cooling, shredding, and finally squeezing the hearts into a mosto (sweet juice), which then ferments for five days, after which it’s then distilled three times (with its final distillation completed in small stills with even more heat).

Inspired by Lotería card number 27, El Corazón, this special edition offering of Sangre de Vida Blanco is presented in a stunning, glass heart bottle.

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