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Tequila Apocalypto® Blanco

Tequila Apocalypto® Blanco

Product Code 61503e
80 Proof

Hand-crafted and bottled shortly after distillation leaves no chance to mask any imperfections.

RATED 89 POINTS BLANCO: 2015 The Tasting Panel


With a bottle made from artisanal glass in the shape of a Mayan Jaguar Warrior that is half-man and half-beast, it is clear that AO is not your ordinary tequila, but rather a liquid legacy patiently crafted with a commitment to showcase the beauty of an art that is all but lost.

The creation of AO tequila begins with staying true to a 500-year-old process that starts with the careful selection of 100% Blue Weber Agave. After the agaves have matured for an average of 15 years they are harvested by our skilled jimadores. Carefully slow roasting the piñas in centuries-old brick ovens allows the sweet mellow flavors of the agave to remain and flourish. The roasted piñas are then pressed by a tahona wheel (a two-ton volcanic rock), and the rest of the fermentation process plays out like a masterful symphony. The attention to detail by the master distiller results in an astonishing depth of flavor in just two distillations. AO tequila is then placed in oak barrels to age.

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