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80 Proof

A Gold-Medal Winner in the 2012 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards Competition

When Veteran firefighters Kim Blaylock and Mark Miceli joined forces to create Snake Oil Enterprises (yes, you heard that correctly!), it was only natural that they would call their flagship small batch vodka—VENOM VODKA.

This ultra-premium Oregonian vodka, made from Cascade Mountain spring water and all-natural corn grain, is distilled six times and filtered ten times through crushed lava rocks, onyx, and diamonds.

As if an award-winning diamond-filtered vodka made by firemen wasn’t enough, VENOM goes one step further and donates a portion of its proceeds to support firefighter charities.

Nope, there’s no snake oil here. VENOM VODKA is the real deal. A vodka with a distinctly smooth taste—that’s not the least bit poisonous.

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