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About Mutual Wholesale Liquor

About Mutual Wholesale Liquor

Incorporated in 1959, Mutual Wholesale Liquor has been one of Southern California’s leading importers, wholesalers, and distributors of beer, wine, and spirits.


Mickey and Lillian Beckenfeld, Founders of Mutual Wholesale Liquor, emigrate from Hungary to California. Meet. Marry. And open up Mickey’s Liquors at 3rd & Temple St. in Los Angeles.


Mickey buys a company called Mutual Wholesale, which was a home keg delivery company.

Mutual Wholesale Liquor becomes incorporated.


MWL opens up a liquor store on 5th & Central.


Irv Tarnov, who later becomes MWL’s General Sales Manager, walks into the 5th & Central store, and lays his credentials on the line. With nothing but a handshake, a 12-year business relationship begins.


What was once a liquor store on 5th and Central now becomes a Cash & Carry. The same Cash & Carry that is in operation today.

Mutual Wholesale Liquor also opens its corporate office on Alameda & 22nd. This space functions as the distribution and importation arm of the company.


Mutual moves its corporate office to 4510 South Boyle Ave in Vernon, where the company stays until February 2014.

Mutual purchases Royal Himmel’s old bottling plant on 26th and Santa Fe, and begins to  bottle all their private label products for major chain accounts and the general market.


The Beckenfeld’s son-in-law, Harvey Monastirsky, joins the company by starting in sales. Six months later he takes over the Cash & Carry.


Nicole Monastirsky is born. (Hey, if I’m writing this, I’m putting that in!)


Harvey hires Joe Greco part-time to work the Cash & Carry.

Mr. John Wilson becomes the General Manager at Mutual Wholesale Liquor on Boyle Ave.


Harvey leaves his post at the Cash & Carry and heads into the the corporate office on Boyle Ave. where he becomes Vice President, working beside his father-in-law, Mickey.


Lillian Beckenfeld passes away.


Mr. Wilson retires.

Nicole Monastirsky Kiley becomes the Mutual Wholesale’s General Manager and is now working side-by-side with her dad.


Mickey Beckenfeld passes away.


After 43 years, Mutual moves from Vernon to a new building in Commerce.

And they all live happily ever after….